Morven and Pressendye

Kit Check


The aim of our qualifying Bronze hike expedition is to plan and complete a self contained mountain journey in small groups, with the potential to take in the summits of Morven at 871m and Pressendye at 620m. Both summits are significant and listed as a Corbet and Graham respectively and remembered by many as their first mountain ascent and beginning of the wider D of E journey. The routes may be adjusted on the day to suit prevailing conditions and any individual needs.We begin with a 2 day training and practice expedition which may be repeated for groups who are not quite ready for the qualifying venture.


Practice Hike (theory into practice)

Following training in school everyone will complete a 2 day accompanied practice hike with an overnight camp. During this expedition instructors will coach each group with the skills required to be safe, comfortable and happy in a mountain environment.
For example:-

  • Teamwork and communication
  • How to get the best out of your equipment and clothing systems
  • Navigation and route planning
  • Camping, cooking and the safe use of stoves
  • Basic first aid and emergency procedures

Day 1

We will begin with a kit check at school before travelling out to Strathdon to meet with instructors.

  • Accompanied walk navigating through the Bunzeach forest Focus on the 3 D's (Direction, Distance, Detail)
  • Practical skills sessions at various way points along the journey
  • Environmental information (weather, climate, land use, water systems, wild life, plants, access and human traces)
  • Arrive Glen Deskry camping area
  • Tents and shelters
  • Stoves, cooking and hygiene
  • Camp. (water supply and toilet available)

Evening Session

  • Teambuilding theories and exercises
  • Route cards and planning skills for day 2 hike
  • In depth equipment update and smarter packing skills

Day 2

  • Clean up camping gear and pack prepare for hike
  • Test hikes on the hill of Allamuc
  • Descend back to camp for kit hand in and review


Final Qualifying Hike

Day 1

  • Coach transport from school to Tarland and the Pass of Ballater to meet instructional staff
  • We will check route cards, plan and prepare each group before setting off up the slopes of Morven and Pressendye
  • The summits are normally reached by early afternoon
  • Staff will be on the hill however groups will be self sufficient and unaccompanied
  • Groups should get to the camp area by early evening
  • Camp, cook and clean. Water supply and toilet onsite. Relax around main camp fire.

Day 2

  • Clean up camping gear and pack
  • Prepare route card for hike to Strathdon
  • Complete orienteering course on route
  • Descend to Strathdon for kit hand in and final review and ……………………ice creams!