There is no such thing as bad weather………….

Bigfoot will provide each group with tents, stoves, fuel, group shelter, first aid kit and maps.

Please bring along the following minimum items:-

1 x 60 litre rucksack with waterproof liner and or dry bags __

1 x Pair of genuine hill walking boots with good quality soles and ankle support ___

1 x Pair of training shoes for camp and river crossing use ____

1 x Good quality hard shell waterproof jacket with hood ___

1 x Good quality pair of hillwalking waterproof trousers with side zip ___

1 x Warm hat and pair of gloves (always) ___

1 x Sun hat, sun cream (summer months) ____

2 x Pairs of genuine walking socks___

2 x
non cotton base layer tops (one to walk in, one for spare and sleeping wear) ___

2 x
non cotton mid layer fleece tops (one to walk in, one for spare and sleep wear) ___

1 x pair of quick drying walking trousers ___

1 x pair of quick drying warm leggings/tracksuit bottoms (for camp and sleeping ware) ___

1 x good quality sleeping bag and insulation mat ___

1 x Compass, whistle, watch, pencil ___

1 x Torch, midge net ___

1 x Expedition food less any unnecessary packaging ___

1 x Snacks and sweets ___

1 x Lighter, spoon, cup, plate, water bottle ___

1 x Toiletries including any personal medication/blister kit ____

1 x Phone and portable charger ___

The following items are not essential but can be very useful:-

Alcohol gel, toilet roll, pan scrubber

The following items will not contribute to your general safety and comfort:-

Pyjamas, towel, soap, deodorant sprays, make up, music players and electronic gadgets.

Bigfoot D of E presesntation - 057