Does the wetsuit you ……..

We will provide the following items of clothing/safety equipment:-

Wet suits, Buoyancy Aids and Helmets

A 60 Litre waterproof barrel for carrying personal clothing and equipment during the river journey. Travel clothing and footwear can be left with us during the expedition in a suitable bag.

Tents, stoves, fuel, shelters and maps.

Please bring with you the following minimum items:-

1 x Pair of strong trainers for use in the canoe and river banks, which will get wet ___

1 x Pair of camp site footwear. (trainers or wellies) ____

1 x Good quality waterproof jacket with hood ___

1 x Good quality pair of waterproof trousers ___

1 x Warm hat and pair of gloves ___

1 x Sun hat, sun cream and midge net ____

2 x Warm socks for use at the campsite

2 x
non cotton base layer tops (one to canoe in, one for spare and sleeping wear) ___

2 x
non cotton mid layer fleece tops (one to canoe in, one for spare and sleep wear) ___

1 x pair of quick drying warm leggings/tracksuit bottoms (for camp and sleeping ware) ___

1 x good quality sleeping bag and insulation mat ___

1 x Torch, lighter, spoon, cup, plate and water bottle __

1 x Expedition food less any unnecessary packaging ___

1 x Snacks and sweets ___

1 x Toiletries including hand sanitiser and personal medication ____

1 x Toilet roll, pan scrubber, basic mobile phone, camera ___

1 x Small dry bag for snacks and spare warm clothing during the day is very useful ___

The following items will not contribute to your general safety and comfort:-

Pyjamas, towel, soap, deodorant sprays, make up, music players and electronic gadgets.

Bigfoot D of E presesntation - 045